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First impressions last

Research show that you have about 50 milliseconds to make a good first impression. If you fail, the customer is gone for good. If you succeed you are rewarded on both higher price points and loyalty among others.

Research in consumer behavior has consistently shown that brands that make a strong, positive first impression can command higher price points, enjoy more customer loyalty and openness to expanded product lines. First impression have a lasting impact on our perception of a brand, influencing our decisions and a negative first impression is hard to overcome and leads to a loss of potential customers.

The science behind first impressions underscores their critical role in branding. As the marketplace grows increasingly competitive, understanding and harnessing the power of first impressions is more important than ever.

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Design the experience

Everything is an experience – User Experience, Customer Experience, Brand Experience and Employee Experience. Design the experience, control the perception and affect behaviour.

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To be is to be perceived as the philosopher George Berkeley once proclaimed. By that he meant that our perceptions dictates the reality we experience. Simply put of course. But the fact is that we to a large degree can control how users, customers and employees perceive us by laying the tracks for the experience they have interacting with us. And perception drives behaviour.

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Inbound insights

Get the dirty little secret insights that help grow your business and stay in front of your competitors.
It is relevant and to the point. Don’t miss out.

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Subliminal narratives

Using Subliminal Narratives is setting the scene and letting the viewer make up the stories themselves – it happens subconsciously – and with the grand narrative of our design.

Storytelling is a pivotal element in branding, serving as a bridge to forge a profound emotional connection between a brand and its clientele. Innately inclined towards narratives, humans find stories particularly captivating. A well-crafted narrative has the power to stir emotions such as joy, trust, excitement, and empathy, thereby rendering the brand more memorable and approachable. These narratives can be artfully woven in both explicit and implicit manners. Explicit storytelling delineates the brand’s message directly, while implicit storytelling, often subtler and symbolic, engages the audience in a deeper, more personal interpretation. This nuanced approach of implicit storytelling is especially effective as it empowers customers to construe the narrative in their own terms, thus instilling a sense of authenticity and fostering unwavering trust in the brand.

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